Heartiest congratulations to Adithyan for receiving best poster Prize at ICFMPT-2024 held from 14-16th Mar. 2024 at IOP Bhubaneswar.

Congratulations, Satyapriya and team, for their work published in Chemistry - A Europian Journal.

Heartiest congratulations to Adithyan and Jeebanjyoti for receiving a poster Prize at the Inter IISER-NISER Chemistry Meet held from 23rd to 25th Feb. 2024 at IISER Kolkata.

Congratulations, Suresh and team, for their work published in Materials Advances.

Congratulations, Jeebanjyoti and team, for their work published in Chemistry of Materials.

Congratulations, Adithyan and team, for their work published in Advanced Materials.

Group meeting: Every Saturday at 10 AM
Lab responsibilities:

Instrument Responsibilities


1) UF test skid; 2) Tensile strength meter; 3) Stirred cell; 4) FS and HF membrane casting machine; 5) Contact angle meter; 6) Rota evaporator and chillers

Chetan V. Rajput

1) UPS system; 2) Photocatalytic system; 3) GC, gas line and cylinders; 4) Magnetic stirrers; 5) Fumehood and Schlenck Line

 Satyapriya Nath

1) Microwave synthesizer; 2) Ball Mill; 3) Refrigerators; 4) Ovens (Hot air/Vacuum/Microwave); 5) Optical microscope; 6) FTIR

  Suresh Bommakanti &

Mahalaxmi Samal

1) Computers/Printers/Projector; 2) Group website; 3) Centrifuge; 4) Overhead stirrer; 5) pH meter; 6) Weighing balance

Jeebanjyoti Mohapatra

1) Vortex mixer and shaker; 2) Micropipette; 3) Bath sonicator; 4) Melting point apparatus; 5) UV lamps

Adithyan P.

1) Chemicals and glassware; 2) Stationery and lab consumables; 3) Liquid N2 and Dewar flask; 4) Vacuum pumps and compressor; 5) Air Conditioner 

Sankalpa N. Panda